Watermelon And Picket Fences is here to help traditional Christian families thrive

Why Watermelon?

watermelon slices depicting fun

An abundant life balances pure, innocent fun with principle-based guidelines.

Many people name watermelon first when thinking of a fun, childhood food. Because of this, watermelon, for the sake of this website/blog, represents those things that are the bright spots in our lives; things that are wholesome, enjoyable, and tend to create happy memories.

For us, watermelon symbolizes fun!

Why Picket Fences?

Photo of well worn, yet sturdy looking picket fence with flowers and thriving plants growing near its base, depicting a sense of friendly boundaries

Fences represent protection, boundaries, rules, and guidelines. Of all the kinds of fences in the world, picket fences seem welcoming and homey, rather than foreboding. Picket Fences have been around for generations, making them seem almost like an old, faithful friend. Their faithfulness transcends the latest trends in fencing styles.

Because of this, for us, picket fences symbolize guidance.

Watermelon is Fun Within Safe Picket Fences!

Julie Mitchell

The name Watermelon & Picket Fences represents the balance needed so your traditional, Christian family will thrive!

What is a traditional Christian family?

Mankind’s Creator gives us the answer to this question. In his written Word, the Holy Bible, we can find the “Ideal” family. The Ideal, although highly valuable, is not necessarily the “norm” in the days we are living in. 

In addition to God’s Word, God has given us visible resources. Our elders, who blazed the trail in the wilderness of life before us, lived by tried and proven guiding-principles that have worked for many generations. These principles overlap, interconnect, and relate to each other in countless ways. We intend to bring these principles into view with the goal of providing you with resources.

Although it’s a challenge to live as a traditional family in our world, it IS possible with God’s help!

What can be expected from Watermelon And Picket Fences?

Balance of work and rules with fun and play

If we don’t work, life quickly becomes depressing, and the entire family is affected. Happiness is good for mental, emotional, and physical well-being! We’ll talk about living with more balance!

Relationship Building

When home-relationships are warm and friendly, home can be a haven. Tips, tricks, and anecdotes to help you build yours!

Respect for leadership

There is a need for both leaders and followers in the home. We’ll explore and explain ways to polish respect for leadership with examples and fun activities.

Communicating LOVE; often spelled T-I-M-E

Now, where have we heard that before?! Do we know how to make time for the important things to happen in this busy life we live? Let’s find TIME together!

Learning as a life-long adventure

Having a love for learning makes every day an adventure. Our intention is to demonstrate how easy and beneficial it is to develop a mindset of “wonder” as we dive into fun learning. We will also talk about the principles that guide the kinds of things to learn about.

On the Home page and below are icons depicting the kinds of things you can expect to find when visiting this site as posts are added and as products fill the shop.

 This blog is expected to be Fun! So glad to have you join us!

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